Are these 3rd person or 1st person?

Let’s go with first person or else this starts to sound like an obituary. Hi again, I’m Laura—the one who’s name is plastered everywhere like a brand. My love for video games started with the sega genesis which I shared with my brother. The very first game I bought with my own money was Street Fighter II Turbo Edition where to my delight there were now two woman characters to choose from (although Dhalsim was my jam). As I grew into my early teens I got into anime and devoured anything I could find. Sometimes I would just get a JRPG based on art style alone, which during the PS2 and Dreamcast era there were plenty to choose from. Skip ahead a handful of awkward years and I found myself wanting to do art as a job. Thankfully my two engineer parents were supportive.

First, I started traditionally but after seeing the people politics that the fine arts world suffered I hightailed to commercial art. Which lead me to enroll at DigiPen to get my BFA. At DigiPen I had the pleasure of working on student games with full fledged teams and after graduation one of those teams made their own company Refract Studios. I was welcomed into that company as an artist and learned even more about the pipeline for making a game—not just on the art side, but also design and helping out at conventions and experiencing the culture/world of indie development. Along the way I had the pleasure to do short contract gigs for other companies or even see how another start-up was ran. Recently, Refract’s flagship game Distance launched and I found myself wanting to specialize more. That’s where realtime visual effects comes in. I’m still learning and wanting to constantly improve myself. And while I talked a lot about what I do in front of a computer I also enjoy spending time away from the glowing screen. Whether it be drawing analog or finding ways to fortify my body through weight lifting, rock climbing, or martial arts. Thanks for reading through this, especially if you’re nosy like I am.

Feel free to talk to me: LBorgenArt@gmail.com